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When two visionary guys put their crazy ideas together, good things just might come out of it. Combining a North American standard of quality with the low prices and production capacity of Asia, we thought that our Canadian customers should get the best of both worlds to help their business grow. It started out with a few complex metal assemblies in the mobile industry, that had an incomparable cost for the quality supplied.  It led to demands in the hotel industry, that we were able to fill with the same high quality standards. Our Chinese employees are doing an amazing job sourcing the best suppliers Asia can offer.

Xpak Industries is now a reference for its high quality standards. Our engineering background along with our knowledge of the mobile industry led us to initiate a few electrification projects. From getting subventions for our customers to performing a complete machine electrification, our business model is without compromise and ensures that our customers can achieve such projects.



The production of high quality complex metal sub-assemblies is our specialty.  Whether we use your production drawings of make them for your, we can definitely help your company make important savings while increasing the quality of your finished product. Higher the complexity and volume, higher your savings will be.



In the course of the electrification projects we've accomplished, we sourced many interesting electrical components and were able to get volume discounts. From lithium-ion batteries to PCBs, we can customize the electrical components you need at very good prices. We work in partnership with different local experts and laboratories to validate the quality of the components we offer. 



Building a hotel, condos or appartments complex? You wish to cut on material prices without compromising quality? Check out our hotel and furniture photo gallery to see what we are capable of. From granit and quartz table tops to backlit mirrors, we can also customise your common areas to give your complex spectacular looks




110 rue Lapalme, 

St-Jean sur Richelieu, Québec, J2W 0H2

Tel: 819-479-4972

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